Spalletta & Co., in collaboration with our team of in-house consultants specializing in large-scale retail trade (GDO), recently conducted a major survey at a Conad store. The main objective of this initiative was to implement a Balanced Scorecard focused on the customer perspective in order to continuously improve the customer experience and better meet their needs.

Survey of customer impressions:
To ensure a comprehensive analysis, Spalletta & Co. developed a questionnaire aimed at surveying customer impressions of the Conad store. By working with in-house consultants who are experts in the retail sector, it was possible to carefully study the customer niche and specific buying habits of the store in question. The survey was designed to identify the main demands and needs of customers in order to solve them as quickly as possible.

Goal: continuous store improvement.
The primary goal of this initiative is to achieve continuous improvement of the Conad store. The Balanced Scorecard emerges as an indispensable tool for monitoring and evaluating store performance, paying particular attention to the customer perspective. Through the analysis of the data collected by the survey, it will be possible to identify the store's strengths and areas for improvement in order to take targeted corrective measures and provide increasingly effective and satisfactory service.

The importance of collaboration:
Spalletta & Co. and its team of in-house consultants work closely together to ensure optimization of improvement strategies. Thanks to their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry, it is possible to tailor store activities to customers' needs and provide customized solutions. The collaboration between Studio Spalletta professionals and Conad store staff results in an integrated and synergistic approach, ensuring a continuous flow of information and constant growth.

Spalletta & Co., in collaboration with a number of Conad associates, has placed a strong focus on the customer perspective through the implementation of a Balanced Scorecard. This initiative aims to continuously improve the store by meeting customers' needs and providing them with an outstanding shopping experience. Through collaboration between in-house consultants and the Studio Spalletta team, the Conad store will be able to optimize its performance and create a welcoming and personalized environment for each customer.

Spalletta & Co. remains committed to continuous improvement, anticipating customer needs and offering innovative solutions. This initiative represents a step toward excellence in the retail sector and testifies to the importance of putting the customer at the center of every decision and action taken.