La Spalletta & Co.

is an established reality in management, strategic, management and organizational business consulting, which integrates classic consulting services, such as fulfillment, tax and legal, with managerial support suitable for corporate structuring toward the development of the potential of the target business, following the business reality from the strategic summit to the operational management.

Management support

Spalletta & Co follows the needs of companies on a 360-degree basis, working to support even their management , which sometimes lacks the skills and knowledge in specific technical areas.

Our team, thanks to its network of professionals, is able to address and manage every technical issue, analyzing it from different perspectives and thus enabling management to carry out complex investments and operations with full awareness.



Spalletta & Co dives directly into business management, extracting the data needed to plan the behaviors that determine business success.

In this sense parallel to the quantitative data we also extrapolate through in-depth analysis qualitative information that concretely affects the profitability of the company over time.

We can create a business dashboard that allows data to be collected, organized and analyzed to deepen the foundation of business competitive advantage and the levers on which to act.

The team is increasingly directed in making use of innovative management tools that enable the client to make a difference by acting proactively in a market that operates at the constant chase passively.

The team aims to use innovative tools for strategic business management, based on qualitative analysis, with the understanding that an exclusively quantitative analysis is now obsolete and incomplete for evaluating the totality of organizations.

Our management system is one of the most modern tools of strategic business management, which, based on the experience provided by the balanced scorecard in capturing the qualitative elements that determine corporate competitive advantage, facilitates the process of translating strategy into objectives and win-win measures applicable at the operational level.

As early as the 1990s in the U.S., the application of such logic has enabled 98 percent of companies that have it to achieve a marked improvement in their competitiveness and profitability, as evidenced by statistics conducted and published.


Sometimes successful companies tend to rely solely on entrepreneurial "intuition" and "flair," without structuring a management method that protects and implements the success achieved in the long run.

Our vision responds to a real and widespread need at the national and sometimes supra-national level: the need to move away from reticent behavior toward the strategic structuring of the company as an essential prerequisite for ensuring its long-term success.

We constantly monitor major trends in the retail industry, analyze the specifics of the client company, and work directly with the company's top management in order to direct possible preferable developments, both in terms of growth and reorganization and restructuring.


We have an established and recognized experience in corporate law and extraordinary transactions.

We have assisted major companies in acquisition and merger transactions in the Italian and international markets.

We intervene with an interdisciplinary team involving accounting, tax and legal departments.

This approach allows us to analyze and manage the entire transaction from the preliminary to due diligence to the definition and signing of contract documents and execution of the closing.


We provide a range of services to accompany the entrepreneur in meeting his or her civil (regularity of accounts and closing of financial statements) and tax needs due to the activity he or she carries out and the transaction to be concluded.

We also provide tax assistance in issues involving direct and indirect taxation and the related paperwork and bureaucratic requirements to be dealt with annually such as: tax returns, handling of VAT, IRES, IRPEF and IRAP, and indirect taxes.

In this area we also deal with matters of a legal nature involving situations created against the taxpayer such as assessments, tax bills, administrative detentions.


Services in labor law, social security and labor union matters are directed to employers.

Our firm deals with the resolution of disputes concerning individual and collective dismissals, transfers, management of employee illness, fixed-term contracts, distinction between autonomy and subordination, disciplinary measures, damage to professionalism and biological damage, and appeals of assessment reports drawn up by inspection bodies.

Our activity, moreover, does not end with the management of judicial and extrajudicial litigation, but focuses mainly on the prevention of disputes and - more generally - on the search for the best operational solutions according to the Client's needs.

With this in mind, analysis of the contractual framework in use, identification of critical aspects and the consequent prospect of appropriate modifications or additions prove to be essential.


A clear and distinct structure is an ever-compelling need for successful companies operating in a market and the lack of it is a burden showing this limit either short or long term.

The team stands by the client company, defining and clarifying the organizational structure best suited for the business being analyzed and its development prospects, clarifying the roles and competencies of each organizational position so that the company can carry out its activities and processes in an effective and shared manner.


In recent years of operation, it has become increasingly apparent that the entrepreneur needs to be supported in the span of generational transitions for the formation and induction of the incoming ownership destined to gradually take over the leadership of the company.

In this context, Spalletta & Co provides support by assisting the client at this crucial stage for the future prosperity of the company, initiating the new generation into management and enhancing the freshness of its potential.