I would propose an examination of conscience, a sort of examination of the stereotypes that most flatten the retail world. Here are the ones I have most frequently heard.....

"The customer is only interested in price": FALSE ! he looks at price if he has nothing else to compare with. If goods are massified, and there is no differentiation between one product and another! Packaging and visuals are tools available to retailers and FMCGs to open a conversation with the customer.

"Impossible to be without flyers ": Let's remember that there are flyers and flyers, if it is a mere collection of promotions, with shoddy photos and without anything going on from week to week, perhaps it is better to think again: for the customer, promotions are attractive when they are a surprise, and paper is not necessarily the only way to communicate this to him.

"Grocery doesn't interest anymore, we need to focus on fresh": it is true, fresh is booming, but its success has been designated mainly by a rethinking of buying and layout policies; try rethinking grocery in the same terms, it could lead to amazing results.

"I know my customer," which alternates with the" My customer, they are different": FALSE ! the customer is constantly renewing himself, is increasingly informed and computerized. And if he is still not a customer, it may be worth asking why.

"The customer is always right": not true at all, when he is unreasonable, when he wastes time, when he insults salespeople....... he is right and must be "contained" .

"My sales will increase if I put in as many goods as possible inside my store": and so off we go with aisles where the shopping cart barely passes, promotional islands set up where there is space, product categories that overlap one another by virtue of their size and no commercial sense. Are we sure that this increases sales? That it builds customer loyalty?

"The neighborhood store's position rent allows everything ": Sky-high prices, little store care,hallucinating queues,....but beware that e-commerce is around the corner.....and goodbye nightmarish spending !!! .