Falling prices of energy products, lowers inflation, which, in the first month of the year marks a significant slowdown.

In fact, ISTAT calculated that the consumer price index stood at +10 percent with an increase of only 0.1 percent from last year's month.

Also in January, the run-up in food prices, of the "shopping cart," softened from +12.6 percent to +12 percent in the previous month

According to Coldiretti, pushing down inflation is the reversal of prices for fresh vegetables (-0.9%) and the reduced growth of fruit, which grows half the value of inflation itself ( + 4.8%).

However, it is limited satisfaction as, Coldiretti itself, is concerned about energy costs for heating greenhouses, fuel for farm vehicles, fertilizer and packaging.

It should also be pointed out that inflation, does not affect the Italian territory all equally ; January recorded +11.7 percent on the Islands, +10 percent for the Northwest, 9.9 percent in the South,9.7 percent for the Northeast and d a +9.6 percent in the Center.

The beginning of the year, however, opens with the confirmation of growth in packaged products ( +11.8% ) and those reserved for pets ( +18.2% ). Bread, pastry and pasta ( +17.5% ), cheese ( +14.5% ), meat ( +9.6% ), are the most active product areas while fish ( -3.8% ) and fruit and vegetables ( -2.6% ) still mark the pace.

There is still fear about the course of the coming months ( war, new government,economic policies, choices on energy future) but there seems to be a glimpse of some stability in the face, however, of bold choices and decisions to be made by our rulers.