Spalletta & Co has formalized a partnership with the Planning and Management Control and Performance Management courses delivered as part of the Master of Science in Economics and Management degree program. The collaboration, aimed at the development of operational research on the Balanced Scorecard and other management tools, aims to obtain appreciable and qualified operational synergies for the professional consulting activity towards its clients.

This collaboration represents an opportunity for mutual development and growth resulting from the possibility of combining the technical and operational skills of Spalletta & Co with knowledge in academia. The partnership is also aimed at developing highly innovative business management software that enables companies to preside over the drivers that concretely drive business success in the short, medium and long term. In this regard, it now appears inescapable to measure those intangible factors, generally little considered in business management, that integrate the qualitative dimension into the quantitative one, radically changing the traditional managerial paradigm of reference for business management.

The research, starts from the theoretical model of the American Balanced Scorecard - the first tool that actually enhances the corporate qualitative dimension - and from the modifications to it made by the most recent studies on the subject, and aims to arrive at the creation of a managerial tool that can, in concrete terms, respond to the information needs of corporate management today more and more oriented to the creation of sustainable value.